Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, April 22nd

Well, I have some news!

The Good: Frankie loved the house and we made an offer today!!! We also found out that the house has a brand new roof that was built in 2006 and is in amazing shape. We found out some other good news too, such as new pool heater, kitchen updated in 2003, etc.

The Bad: Due to some previous offers that fell through, the sellers will not answer our offer until they get a letter stating we are pre-approved for the morgage loan. We already know we pre-qualified but not that we are pre-approved. Who knew there was a difference? Also, we found out that the windows were pretty old and would definatley need hurricane shutters (which sucks cause the house has a million windows), and that the AC is pretty ancient as well.

The Ugly: So my husband ran around all day to get this dang pre-approval. He finally did. While there, they had to check our credit. We pretty much thought that the bank was going to give us some kinda award for having the best credit scores they have ever seen in their lives. BUT a few years ago I was a victim of identity theft and I thought it was cleared up and it isn't. So my credit sucks. Obviously it can be fixed and trust me, I will be on the phone day and night to clear it if I have to.

It is not the end of the world though. We still got pre-approved. So first thing tomorrow morning I am going to bring the approval papers and contract to the realtor and they will give the sellers either till tomorrow evening or Friday at noon to decide. I think they should be able to answer quickly because they have had all day today to think about it.

Who knows. This is so stressful (but so exciting at the same time). There will be a lot of penny pinching if this whole thing goes through. Yikes.

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  1. Congrats on the house news! And the best part-if you guys are 1st time homebuyers you may qualify for the stimulus of up to $8,000! That might make your penny pitching easier right? :)