Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, April 25th

I woke up and walked 0.7 miles this morning. I am really stiff. There is no excuse for this lack of exercise. Its pretty pathetic when you think about it. I am not going to let my body, and not to mention health, self-esteem and overall feel-good moods slip away in a matter of a few months. Ugh, what a wakeup call: walking and your body weighing you down from stiff joints and jiggling thighs. A little over a month ago I would walk and feel light as a feather because I was heathy and fit. My body hasn't changed too much and thats probably why I haven't cared enough to get in gear sooner. Well, I can't take it anymore. I will at least walk EVERY day. On my days off, its on.

Well, I work a 12 hour shift today. I will have butterflies until 5pm. Hopefully we find out about the house sooner. Craziness....I'll let you know how it goes tonight!


  1. The protein powder I use is called "Body Fortress 100% Premium Whey". It's only $15 at Target for a huge 2 lb tub. I don't think it's the higest quality as far as organic ingredients go, but it is cheap! I really do try to incorporate some form of real meat everday (chicken, turkey, etc.) because I just don't like to subsist on the fake stuff. Hope that helps :o)

  2. Good luck my dear on the house! Don't worry too much, I'm sure it will be fine.

  3. I hope you hear good news about the house soon! My fiance and I are looking at one tonight, so exciting, but nerveracking too!!