Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Food Debate

You know, I think men have it easier when it comes to weight loss. I'm not talking about the fact that they burn more calories and build muscle easier, I am talking about the mental battle. I know this doesn't apply to all men, but I would guess the majority. They are more rational when it comes to food in some ways.

I'll never forget a conversation that I had with my husband a few years ago. I was discussing how hard it was to resist certain foods and temptations and how I sit there and debate whether I should eat something at that moment. Something along the lines of, "Man, I wish I could eat that...well, maybe I could...just a, I shouldn't even be thinking about this...well, I can just do some cardio later...ugh, this is so hard...(then I think about it for 20 more minutes)...well, I have made a lot of progress...ok, I cheated the other day, why am I even considering this...etc, etc, etc."

He said, "I don't understand you girls, just make a decision." He explained that when he has a goal in mind and is faced with a temptation, his mind simply asks, "Is this going to get me closer to my goal?" If the answer is no, he doesn't give it a second thought. There is no food debate. Question over. Next subject.

This is how my mind works during periods of high motivation. But not typically. Isn't it a shame that that rational thinking and strength is not a part of all of our everyday lives? How weak of me to sit there and debate for hours. What a waste of time.

Today's motivation (legs and butt):

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