Saturday, April 11, 2009

Starting Up Again

I took a 3 week break from working out and eating right and I am ready to get back at it again. In reality, I only took a 2 week break from working out. For our Honeymoon, we went to the Andies Mountains in Peru and completed the 4 day Inca Trail that leads to Machu Picchu. It was no walk in the park. It covered 26 miles or so, 95% of which was completed in the first 3 days, hiking up and down hill at high altitude. It was an amazing experience but very challenging physically. If it wasn't for eating whatever I wanted, I would have came back weighing in the 120s.

So for the wedding I weighed somewhere between 132 and 135, which I was very happy about. I am not sure about the exact number because I didn't get to weigh myself for a few days before the wedding. The last time I weighed-in was 4 days before, at 132. I wasn't too strict that week so who knows.

Ever since we came back, I have been eating like a crazy woman. I kept saying that I was getting it out of my system and now I have gone a little too far. I feel bloated and out of shape. It is crazy what 3 weeks of bad carbs, excess calories and fatty foods can do to a person. I don't even want to weigh myself until I cleanse by body for a week or so. By cleanse I mean just eating right and sweating for a change.

Well, the new focus starts today!

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  1. Welcome back! A 3 week break is good for all of us once in awhile. Sounds like you had a blast. ;)