Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dairy Overkill

I started my Friday with 20 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical machine.

I was at work all day and had to continue eating soft foods. My protein choices were very limited. By the end of the day I was suffering from a dairy overdose.

I let this cereal soak in the milk for a half an hour:
Greek yogurt and fruit:
Cottage cheese with some balsamic glaze and pepper, slice of double protein bread:
Same as 2nd meal but I felt a little wild and added some organic honey:
Once I got home I said to my husband, "If I eat another serving of dairy today I am going to die." I made a yummy salad and scrambled eggs:

I don't know how that big spoonful of cottage cheese ended up on top. =/

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not So Bad Day

Yes, I woke up at the crack of dawn and spent half my day at the dentist. Then I went into work because I was worried that an urgent care doctor was incorrectly dosing one of my patients and I wanted to get it straightened out. Then I got home only to clean the house and find a horrible smell under our kitchen sink (ugh, we'll have to look into this). BUT I had a wonderful workout tonight so the day doesn't seem so bad after all. See what those endorphins can do for you????

I was just googling some fitness stuff and I came across this picture. Have you guys ever heard of Amanda Carrier? I hadn't. I love that the googled site had a candid, non-airbrushed pic of the fitness model/actress.
So I looked up some more pics of the beauty.
Its times like these that make happy to be a brunette (although a lot of the time I wish I was a blond).
So here are Wednesday's eats:
Chicken breast on top of lettuce with a few olives and some parmesan cheese. I used only red wine vinegar as the dressing.
LOOK at what I RESISTED! One of my patients gave me a red velvet cupcake. The pic is deceiving. This thing was HUGE! I thought about bringing it home to my hubby but I didn't want him eating this junk either so I ended up giving it to my co-worker to give to her son (kids can run these things off).
I grabbed a Luna Bar as a quick snack/meal. This new flavor is awesome. I LOVE it! (I try not to eat these kinds of things too often):

Today I had a big bowl of Kashi Go Lean before my dentist appointment because I knew I wouldn't be able to eat afterwards and I would be starving! Well, I was right. This is embarrassing but: two weeks ago I had a crown done on my left side and it has been killing me since. I have to have a root canal on it on Monday. Today I had a crown and 3 fillings done on my right side. Luckily, no major pain on the right side but the crown is very thin so the dentist told me not to eat much with it. Ummm HELLO!?!?!? I don't have a third side to eat with. So it is "soft foods" till something gets resolved.
Between 3:30 and 7:30 I had a Greek yogurt, a banana, a very ripe peach and a few grapes. I also had one slice of double protein bread (which took forever to eat).
8 rounds of the following:
(7) Thrusters (with an Olympic bar-65lb)
(12) Plie Squats (using a 30lb kettle bell)
(16) Ball Passes (with stability ball)
(5) Push-ups

I was so beat after this one. I decided to walk it off (1/4 mile). My legs were shaking. Probably partly due to the workout and partly due to my lack of energy/nutrition/sleep/velvet cake.
So for dinner is made this soft meal.
Soft food sucks. I ate this in 5 minutes and felt like I had nothing in my tummy. I did enjoy those 5 minutes though.
I am off to bed. Have a great night!

Hectic Week

This week has been CRAZY!

I just worked three 12 hour shifts. I have today off but I am spending 1/2 day at the dentist, literally. Then I work 3 in a row again (thankfully not all 12s).

Just to catch you up on my workouts:

Friday: Crossfit
Saturday: Crossfit
Sunday: Palates, abs, some thrusters
Monday: HIIT
Tuesday BFL-style Upper Body
Wednesday: No workout (got called into work unexpectedly)

Today I will try to Crossfit if I am able to after all this dental work. =(

Friday, July 23, 2010

Motivating Website

Have you guys ever checked out The Skinny Website? This blog is centered around celebrity weight, diet, exercise, and body gossip.

But my reason for visiting it is completely different. Since I like a more muscular and toned build on a woman, I don't find much of that on this site. I also don't really care about who has gained or lost weight recently.

What I do care about is the FASHION and the MOTIVATION to look put together. I love getting ideas on what to wear and how to make an outfit look just right. I get motivated by certain celebrities to be more girlie and really think about how I can make an outfit look stylish.

For example, here are some recent pics of Carrie Underwood that were taken on her way to the airport for her honeymoon. Her outfit is really simple but somehow she looks so put together. I love the jelly ballet flats. I wish I could pull off cutoffs.

How cute is this dress that Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing? So simple and casual but she rocks it. I don't think I could ever pull of those shoes.

I don't particularly like this dress that Ashley Greene is wearing but her vixen look is pretty motivating. She is definitely pulling off some sex appeal at this red carpet event. Her legs look amazing.

Gisele Bundchen motivates me to be more girlie. Its something about those Brazilian women, they always embrace their femininity. Again, this dress is not my favorite but can you believe this picture was taken AFTER she had her baby? It is no wonder she looks so great since most of the pictures of Gisele on this website are of her leaving the gym.
I think Kristin Cavallari looked great at this red carpet event. I am loving the hamstrings.
Her hair and makeup looked simple but beautiful Love it!
I also love this little jacket she has on over her dress. What a cute look.
Here is a prime example of that I am talking about when I say looking "put together". Kelly Ripa always looks photo ready. She always looks classy (even in the pic where she is not wearing a bra, I won't hate on you for it Kelly, you go girl!). She dresses up all of her outfits with just the right accessories. I especially love the outfit with the striped skirt.

The website even features some eye candy here and there.

Just kidding about the last one, hehe.

What I don't like about the site is the immature celebrity bashing in the comment sections. You can tell a lot of pre-teens visit the site. Like poor Jessica Simpson. I love her. Sure, she really needs some style help but I think she is beautiful even though she is not as skinny as she used to be. I wish people would be more sensitive about what they post.

Check it out, maybe you'll be motivated by some of the looks!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tired and Malnourished

***Boring Post Alert***

You've been warned.

So the last two days sucked. This week I am doing a day of overtime so that means three 12-hour shifts in a row. Tomorrow is the last of the the three, thank goodness.

Yesterday, I woke up so sore I could barely walk. I decided that since I was working so many days in a row that I would sleep in and skip the gym. Here are my meals for the day:

Meal 1: Greek yogurt with fresh peach and dry oats:
Meal 2: Kashi Go Lean (not pictured)

Meal 3: Not a typical meal for me but I had to grab something quick:
Meal 4: Double protein bread and no-salt added cottage cheese:
Meal 5: More Greek yogurt with a small banana and dry oats:
Meal 6: I had an O:You guys are probably sick of seeing these cottage cheese sandwiches, haha. But this time I mixed it up a little. I love them with avocado and tomato, but the avocado was just adding way too many calories to my day. I know it is good fat, blah blah...but I get enough of that in my diet. So this time I cut out the glorious veggie (or is it a fruit?) and added some spinach and a thin slice of sweet onion. Man, the onion made this little beast spectacular. Its amazing how such a tiny amount of an ingredient can turn a meal from bland to heavenly. I must confess I skipped my workout today as well. My legs still haven't recovered from those dang thrusters and lunges! I actually got up for the gym. I decided to lay down on the couch "for 5 minutes"...which turned into over an hour. Tomorrow I will not let the snooze button defeat me.
Here comes the malnourished part. We were so busy at work that I hardly ate a thing all day.

Meal 1: Breakfast at home, Kashi Go Lean and a tiny amount of fresh peach:
Meal 2: The only think that I could get my hands on in the pharmacy:
Meal 3: I opened my lunch bag at 9:45pm while driving home and scarfed down some boiled egg whites and steamed broccoli:

Meal 4: A handful of almonds and a bunch of watermelon that was cut up in the fridge.

Bedtime. Sigh.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week in Review

Hello blog friends. I got a little off track with my workout and diet routine this past week. Not much, but enough to motivate me to work harder.

Last Wednesday I had a super-wife day. My hubby was working and we made plans to take our nephews to the Magic Kingdom the following day so I had a lot to do. It started with a good breakfast of Kashi Go Lean and 1/3 of a banana:
I then spent hours at the dentist getting a crown. Yes, it was complete torture. My appointment lasted for hours and I was out by noon. I ran to Home Goods to return a pot for our little palm tree house plant (the size was off). I came back to the house and mowed the lawn and hedged a bush. I could barely eat but I got these down:
I did some house work for about an hour and had this meal, chewing only on my right side:
I went to the mall and bought myself a new shirt for Disney and a tie for my hubbie (there was a great sale at Express). I then went to the gym and did a 20 minute HIIT session on the stair master. I went to Publix and picked up some groceries, came home and made a homemade meal for my hubby. Pasta with chicken breast and tomato sauce with red and green peppers:
Pretty successful day overall!

Thursday we spent the day as planned at the Magic Kingdom. The boys had a blast. Lets just say that this was definitely a cheat day.

Here are a few of the meals I had between Friday and Sunday:

Sunday night I made a simple dinner with gnocchi, baked chicken breast and broccoli:

On Monday I decided I wanted to start eating cleaner. I want to cut out most sugars and salts, as I did during BFL. My tooth was in agony all day so I didn't eat much/enough but here goes:
Meal 1: Greek yogurt with a small banana and dry oats:

Meal 2: Leftover baked chicken breast with broccoli and hot sauce:
Meal 3: Greek yogurt with nectarine and dry oats:

I also had some watermelon right before and right after our crossfit workout.

I did 10 rounds of the following:

-10 thrusters using a 55lb olympic barbell

-15 push-ups

-10 hanging abs

After the workout I wanted to walk 1/4 mile doing 20 lunges and 20 steps. This was practically impossible. I did 6 rounds of 20 lunges followed by 100 steps and then walked the rest of the 1/4 mile loop. My legs felt like jello.

It was a nice clean start to the week.