Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, April 20th

I just realized it is our 1 month anniversary! Haha, too bad he's asleep.

Ok, I have had a CRAZY few days!!! This is why I haven't been posting like I should.

First of all, a little advice. For all of you ladies that workout regularly...even if you stop working out for a few weeks, get back into it slowly. My body is FINALLY feeling back to normal and it has been a week since my last weight lifting session. Now, I don't believe in excuses, but I really messed myself us. I was so sore that I could barely sit down and I was nauseous from the pain. I seriously don't remember ever being so sore and I have been lifting since highschool. I also have a neck injury that seems to come back here and there. Well, the last 3 days I was walking around like I was impersonating Robocop. I think my neck will be alright tomorrow, thanks to ice and ibuprofen.

The second crazy thing that has been going on in my life is searching for a home. This past Saturday, Frankie and I met with a realtor and looked at about 8 houses or so. The crazy part is, we think we found one! The crazier part is, we haven't seen the whole thing. We saw the neighboorhood (excellent!), the front and back yard (awesome!), the back patio area and pool (very nice!) and peaked through the windows (looks great but needs a little updating). Our realtor didn't have the key to this particular one on Saturday. It is a little out of our budget but it is in an ideal location and the price has gone down to a crazy deal for the area. So every night Frankie and I have been discussing expenses, pros and cons, etc. We were supposed to go view the entire house on Thusday (the next day we are both off from work) but I can't wait another second, so I am meeting with the realtor alone tomorrow morning! Craziness. If we like everything we see and they answer a few of our very important questions with positive answers, we are considering making an offer on Thursday! More craziness.

I just don't know. In one aspect, it is such a crazy opportunity to get a great location. In another aspect, we just starting looking and there may be much more out there.

Well, as you can imagine I have a lot going on. I am planning on getting a workout in tomorrow. Soon enough I will be a workoutaholic...I can feel it.

By the way, we got a Kitchen Aid mixer as one of our wedding gifts. I had to exchange it because there was something wrong with the motor. It just stalled during the "stir" speed. Now, I am not sure if something is wrong with the new one. If you have one... a) Is it really noisey? Like louder than you thought it would be? and b) Is the "stir" speed on yours the same rate as the "2" speed? It seems that way to me. But then again I tested it with no food inside.


  1. First off, Congarts on the job hunt!
    Second, I feel you on getting back into the workouts. It feels great though. I have a question- how are you able to calculate all those calories for meals that you make on your own? Ie: grilling a steak?
    As for the kitchenaid stand mixer- I have one and it is very noisy. I have never noticed if the speeds are significantly different but I have mixed things with it and it works. Try testing it with food?

  2. Sorry I mean house hunt....I have job on the mind as you can tell :)

  3. Thanks Jenny! I'm pretty excited. =)

    As for your question, I could not calculate calories without my food scale. If a product has nutrition values, I use the weight to get a serving size. For example, my Cheerios serving size is 1 cup or 28g. I put the bowl on the scale, zero it and pour in 28g. Its much more accurate. When I eat out, I try to go to restaurants that have nutrition facts on their websites and I take a look at then before I go out. For things like meat and fruit, you can look up calories per weight online really easily. I suggest getting a scale the weighs in both grams and ounces because nutrition labels differ and you don't wanna waste time with the calculator. I swear by that thing! Good luck!

  4. Good luck on the hunt for a home. That is so exciting!

  5. You lost me at the first time you said value lmao. Im HORRIBLE at math. Thanks for the heads up though maybe I will have my husband do calculations! lol

  6. So.. did you make an offer?!