Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nighttime Beauty

So one of the major things I am working on is washing my face each night before bed. What a freakin hassle, haha. But it REALLY works. They say your face benefits the most from nighttime cleaning and products. This is when your face gets the best circulation and therefore allows for the best absorption, repair, etc.

Right before my wedding I made a point to wash it every night and the results were almost instant. My skin was smoother, softer and more clear. I also want to start wearing an eye cream. Just for prevention. I was reading In Style magazine today and they suggested using Aquaphor on the eyes while you sleep. I figured for less than $5, I'd give it a try. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Hey! Just wanted to say I loved your pre-wedding bog! I stumbled across it on the knot and it really helped me prepare for my wedding (which was like a month before yours) knowing I wasn't the only one going through it all. How are you enjoying married life?

  2. Thanks so much! Congrats on your wedding! I am going to try to make this one as similar to the old one as I can, it really helped me stay on track. I am loving married life so far! The stress of the wedding is gone and I feel like we can finally just sit back and enjoy one another. Thanks again for reading. =)

  3. I used to read your pre-wedding blog too and you are so motivating!! Congrats on the wedding! I bet it was perfect.

    I've used aquaphor for years and I swear by it!I always put it on my eyes before bed. I buy the tubs and it's great to rub on your cuticles too. Especially during the summer when it's flip flop weather and your feet get all beat up.

  4. Awesome, I'll keep using it, thanks for the feedback! I actually tried it on my cuticles the first night and they looked better the next day. Thanks for reading!