Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, April 14th + Wedding Pics!

Morning weigh-in: 136.6! I'll take it. I was actually expecting a slight gain because I ripped my muscles apart yesterday. I must have been holding on to some extra water weight due to the junk I was eating.

BF: Cheerios and fresh strawberries (175), Lunch (I came back from the gym starving!): Kashi Heart to Heart cereal (155), few pretzels (55), 2 prunes (50), small piece of chocolate (50), few bites of watermelon (20), Dinner: Outback Steakhouse (ugh, I'd rather not talk about it)...thank goodness I started working out again. My husband and I eat out maybe once a month, if that. I'll be good tomorrow, promise.

I had another awesome workout today! I did legs and let me tell you, they were sore before I got to the half-way point of my workout. I spent 2 hours at the gym. I barely made it to my car, it felt like I was walking on Twizzlers.

We got some Pro wedding pics today!!! Our amazing photographers posted some on their website blog. I actually had a really hard time posing with a serious face but some of them turned out well regardless. Here are a few of my favorites...

My dress:

My bouquet (I loved the closed peonies):

The centerpieces:
Kissing my hubby:
My favorite:

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  1. Wow, just beautiful!!! Those are the best pics I've seen in awhile! You look amazing and it looks like your wedding was lovely!