Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, April 13th

I am determined to make this a very productive day. I woke up this morning and drank a large glass of water with a freshly sqeezed lemon in it (I heard that was pretty healthy so why not). I made the bed and cleaned out and organized the fridge. I cut up all the fruit and put it in tupperware (otherwise my hubby will never eat it). I am currently doing a load of laundry, cleaning my desk (which is loaded with papers) and have plans to meet a friend at the gym at 2:30.

BF: Cheerios (145) with a few fresh strawberries (30?), Late lunch: hardboiled egg (80), Kashi Heart to Heart cereal (155), 3/4 banana (80), Snack: small piece of watermelon (30), Dinner: 2 scrambled eggs (160), rice (200), bean salad (100), Snack: grapefruit (110), chocolate (200) 1290.

I had an AMAZING workout today! I did upper body at the gym, all 5 body parts (chest, back, bi's, tri's, and shoulders), 2 exercises per body part, 3 sets per exercise. It was a long workout but well worth it. I know I am going to be extremely sore tomorrow.

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