Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, I woke up at 5:30am and went to the gym to do upper body. It was a great workout. Instant pain. I could barely wash myself in the shower. While I was working out a guy saw that I had the Upper Body BFL Workout Sheet printed out. He asked if I was doing BFL. I said yes. He asked how far along I was. I said Day 5. He wished me luck. I hope I keep seeing him, maybe he will notice some changes. Once I got to work, I was scared that I strained my neck (recurring injury). I took some ibuprofen and iced it. The last time my neck stiffened up on me, I was out for weeks. Hopefully I took action on time. I ate very clean all day as well.

12 hour shift was extra long today. My pharmacy provides a service by giving certain antibiotics away for free (with a prescription of course). So, this is what I get, more often than you would think:

"My doctor told me I can get this for free"
"Yes, it is one of our free antibiotics"
"Are all your drugs free?"
(Wants to say: Are you freaking insane you moron?)
"No, just this list of antibiotics"
"How long?"
"Well, have you ever filled here before?"
"Ok, please fill out this patient information form and we'll get you all set in about 15 minutes"
"15 minutes!!???!!!!????"
"Thats about as fast as I can get it done. I see you have another prescription that is not on our free list. Do you have any insurance"
"Yes. (LONGEST PAUSE HUMANLY POSSIBLE) Oh, do you need to see my card or something?"
(Wants to say: No, I work for the psychic network)
"Yes please"
"Fine. (grumpy look, gives card...2 seconds later...) Ummmmm, can I have that back?"
"Well, I have to actually enter these numbers into the computer, so if it is ok, I'll give you your card back with the prescriptions"
"You aren't going to lose it are you?"
(Wants to say: Yes, I plan on losing it or shredding it, that is my agenda)
"No sir"
"I'll be back" (Walks over to pick-up window, stares at me for about 5 minutes and then signals to my tech). Picking up for So-N-So."

This is only the beginning of the stuff I hear.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday, July 30th

I woke up and wanted to do my cardio on an empty stomach. BUT life got in the way (phone calls, errands, etc) so I ended up eating breakfast. I started the day off with a plain Greek yogurt, some oats sprinkled on it and 1/2 banana. I REALLY missed my drizzle of honey but hey, gotta do what you gotta do.

I am off to the gym for my cardio session! I think it will be the stair master this time. Then, errands, errands, errands.

Here's a "Before and After" to be proud of. This girl, Jennifer Nicole Lee, is a weight-loss-success-story fitness model.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well, another wonderful day of BFL. I did lower body before my 12 hour shift. I ate every 2-3 hours and got lots of protein in. When I got home, the hubby and I took a dip in the pool. Then we went for a walk on the beach, hoping to see some sea turtles. No luck there. It is almost legs are sore already and I am kinda nauseas. Time for bed. Hopefully my posts will be a little more exciting in the near future!

Oh, I almost forgot, I got my body fat tested today. So hopefully I can knock that down a few percentage points in the next 12 weeks.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling Great

Week 1, Day 2 was wonderful. I woke up early and did today's cardio workout. Um, I am SO out of shape. I chose running as my workout today. My legs are so sore right am I supposed to do lower body tomorrow??? I will manage!

I drove to see my parents and got a haircut! Nothing too dramatic, about 4 inches off but still below the shoulders. I am headed for bed....early day tomorrow and a 12 hour shift.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Big News

Ok, my big news starts with a confession...

I have not been "fit" nor "sexy" lately. Maybe a little "super" due to my wonderful housekeeping lately but thats besides the point. What an a-hole I've been. I haven't been taking care of myself what-so-ever. I feel like I have been letting myself down, my husband down (although he would never admit it) and our marriage down. I keep starting these "diets" for a few days and just giving up on them. I haven't been caring. Our New York trip got cancelled and once again I lost motivation. Why do I have to have a big event to look forward to in order to have motivation? Isn't being healty, fit, active, and confident motivation enough???

I look like crap. I don't even recognize myself in the mirror. I feel lazy, tired, out of shape and gross. I don't want to go out because none of my going-out clothes are looking good on me these days. I have been avoiding intitmacy because I am grossed out with my body and I am scared my husband will be as well. How sad is that? We are newlyweds! It is AMAZING how someone's body and health can change in a matter of months.

I'm starting to get health issues! My hormones are out of whack, my knees are killing me, my posture is getting worse by the minute, my bowels are on strike, my hair is horrible, and I have acne. I am seriously scared to death of staying this way. How horrible to get out of bed each morning feeling more tired than the night before? To choose to be lazy and not live life to the fullest??? To be miserable. What kind of pregnancy will I have if I continue on like this? Will I get colon cancer? Will I miss out on the best years of my life?


I don't want a quick fix. I want a lifestyle change. Today marks Day 1 of the Body for Life Challenge. I have been preaching the BFL program for YEARS! I tried BFL about 6 years ago and found it to be an amazing program. I stuck with it for about 6 weeks and lost a bunch of weight. I got a little lazy and stopped doing it. But the principles I learned from that program have always stayed with me. Whenever someone asks me for fitness advice, I suggest this program. So why haven't I completed it??? ALL 12 WEEKS OF IT??? Speaking from a nutrition standpoint (since I do have a degree in it and all), I think it is a PERFECT program. Also, the workouts have done wonders for me. The program's concepts of exercise (lifting heavy when weight training and HIIT for cardio) have ALWAYS given me results in the past. I think it is time that I "thank" BFL for teaching me how to do these things the right way by showing others that this program really works!

Last night my husband took my "before" photos. I put on my bikini and started to cry. Yes, pathetic. I didn't want to walk out in the BRIGHT light and let him see me like that. I was so mortified. I let him take the dreaded snapshots. I am too embarrassed to post those right now...but as I progress with the program, I will. I definatley looked worse than last year's winner in her "before" pics. By the way, this girl is INCREDIBLE and a wonderful inspiration and role model. Here are some pics:

Check out the BFL website!
Well, today was AWESOME! I woke up at 5:30am and went to the gym to do my upper body workout. I am sore already! I worked a 12 hour shift. My eating was perfect today! I got lots of protein in and lots of veggies. One down, 83 days to go!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Something in the Works

I have a life-changing plan in the works! It starts on Monday!!!! I'll share it with you in a day or two. I am super-excited about it but before the reveal I have to write a long post explaining it so no time at the moment!

Today's goals:

* Workout
* Clean, Clean, Clean: organize some books and papers and such (4 big bags full), 2 loads of laundry, dust/windex
* We might have guests tomorrow. If so, more cleaning, grocery shopping and baking something.
* Run a bank errand
* Prepare some stuff for my new life-changing plan

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wanting to Renovate

Someone please hand me $100, 000 dollar to start renovating this windows, new floors, driveway, pool deck, appliances...Ok, the scary part is we would need more than $100,000 to make this place close to what I am envisioning, ugh.

I still love it. I LOVE our home...because it is ours, and we made sacrifices for it and the neighborhood is perfect! Well, maybe I don't love every 80s square inch of it, like the gold faucets, etc.

This is a pic of our living looks A LOT bigger in the pic than it really you can see the front door and a part of the dining room to the left. The fireplace is made of coral...we want to replace the glass shelves with rustic wooden ones. The right side of the living room (which you can't see), is made up of 3 french doors that lead to the pool (you can kinda see how the sun shines in and is reflecting on the floor).
Here are some pics I found on Decor Pad tonight that I absolutely LOVE:
A girl can dream.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday, July 16th

Yesterday I worked a 12 hour shift and I was perfect with the eating all day! 1300 calories!

This morning I ran some errands with the hubby. We added my name to his bank account, I got my new driver's liscence with my new name and new address, and we went to lunch. I came home, did a little yard work and 2 loads of laundry. I am waiting another hour or so to go outside and is BEYOND hot today. I am going to take a long walk (and hopefully jog) either at the park or the beach, we'll see.

We got great news today! I don't know if have mentioned it, but the community we live in is full of old people. We found out today that a "really young" couple is moving in a few houses down from us! I am pretty excited about this. Hopefully we will hit it off with them. We plan on stopping by in a few days to introduce ourselves and welcome them to the neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Super-Wife Day

Ok, between moving into this house and working I have barely been able to get on the computer!!! Well, we are finally fully in! How exciting! I am sitting in my living room getting ready for a SUPER-WIFE day!

Here's the plan:

*Clean 2 bathrooms (UGH, most dreadful thing on this list, we'll see how far I get)
*Vacuum entire house
*Windex glass doors (4 sets of french doors inside and out) and table tops
*2 loads of laundry...wash and fold
*Put all clothes and bathroom things away from move (this will be a job!)

*WORKOUT! (swim, run and pilates?)

*Eat right all day

*Cook chicken chilli from scratch for dinner for me and the hubby

Hope everyone has a wonderful and productive day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 5

Let me tell you, moving sucks. I can't wait until we are moved in and I get get my life back to normal! There is no time for the gym, going out, etc. Ugh, I feel overworked.

Day 4 went well. I weighed in at 141.3, same as Day 3. I went to work for a few hours and then made 2 trips moving things back and forth. I organized things as I went...our kitchen is almost done and so is our closet. We have a walk-in!!! I am super-excited about that. I ate about 1300 calories.

Day 5 is so far so good. I weighed in at 140.7! Yay, I can't wait to get back into the 130s. We got a brand new washer and dryer today! The Whirlpool Duet! It looks something like this:
We didn't get the pedestals though. My laundry room is a nice size but not too big. I wanted them low so that I can fold clothes on top of them. I plan on getting a white board to put on top. The washer and dryer sit below some upper cabinets, if we would have gotten the pedestals, there wouldn't be any room to fold.

We are trying to figure out what color to paint the laundry room. Hubby wants a light gray. I am still thinking about it. I was thinking either cream or light green. I tend to like white but it is white right now and doesn't look too nice. I would like a different color and then put in crown molding in white to make it pop. We'll see. I know it is just a laundry room but it leads to the garage so it is the entrance Frankie and I will be using. (Plus it is the only room I can afford to renovate at the moment!).

BF: Zone bar (190), Snack: grapes (100), Lunch: bean salad (150), grapes (100), artichoke salad (70), Snack: very small bowl of cereal (110)...more to come...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 3

I have been embarrassed to post my weight lately. But here goes...morning of Day 1: 142.9, Day 2: 141.6, Day 3: 141.3. I am glad the 4th didn't do any damage.

I went for a quick 1.4 mile walk/run this morning. I have to get to work early because we were closed yesterday, meaning we will be really busy today.

Well, it was really busy, crazy actually...from 10am-6:30 all I was able to eat was two Zone bars.

BF: Kashi cereal (155) and fresh blueberries (30), Snack: Zone bar (190), Lunch: Zone bar (190), Dinner: slice of rye bread (120), with butter spread (50), big bowl of homemade chicken and veggie soup (350?), Snack: lots of strawberries and blueberries (150), Snack 2: unsalted peanuts (250), some dry Kashi cereal (100)...Total: 1585...higher than I hoped and too close to bedtime. We'll see what the scales says in the mornng.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Forth of July!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Today was Day 2 of my new 40 Day goal. I must say, I think this was the healthiest 4th of July I ever had!

BF: Kashi cereal (155), few strawberries (20), Snack: Chex Mix (not the best and FULL of sodium but it was the healthiest choice around and I didn't wanna wait too long before eating again) (150), Lunch: nibbled on a bunch of things as I was preparing them for dinner, mainly fruit and veggies but also a little bit of fresh mozzarella (350?), Dinner: some grapes (50), tomato and fresh mozzarella (75), slice of bread (100), piece of tuna (150??), corn on the cobb, no butter (100??), grilled veggies on a skewer (75), pound cake (100), fresh berries (50), whipped cream (200?)...Total: 1575. Not too bad.

As far as exercise...only if cleaning the new house and moving clothes, dishes, etc counts. Ugh, I can't wait to be moved in and get my life back to normal. I really wanna hit the gym hard ASAP. It is closed tomorrow. Maybe I can get some cardio in either before or after work.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Is it Possible?

Can you significantly change your body in 40 days?

I think so.

We have a possible trip to New York in the works and I wanna rock it. I have been fluctuating between 140 and 143 in the last few weeks and I am sick of it. I felt so heavy and self conscious last night that I didn't wanna have sex with my husband. If that is not a wake up call, I don't know what is.

BF: Kashi Cereal (155), 3 strawberries (20), Snack: Zone Bar (190), Snack 2: fat free mocha (130), Lunch: sandwich: 2 slices wheat bread and 4 oz chicken: 230, Snack: watermelon (75), Dinner: homemade chicken and veggie soup (300?), Snack: few strawberries (40)...Total: 1140. I resisted frozen yougurt. Thank goodness because I would have felt like a loser. I need to increase the lean protein and veggies. I'll work on it.

So, due to my 12 hour shift I did not workout today. I know this is not an excuse because I have been known to hit the gym at 6am or go for a run before work. I can't wait to hit the weights again. It felt so awesome to crank out 30 "real" pushups without a problem. I'll be there again soon enough.