Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, I woke up at 5:30am and went to the gym to do upper body. It was a great workout. Instant pain. I could barely wash myself in the shower. While I was working out a guy saw that I had the Upper Body BFL Workout Sheet printed out. He asked if I was doing BFL. I said yes. He asked how far along I was. I said Day 5. He wished me luck. I hope I keep seeing him, maybe he will notice some changes. Once I got to work, I was scared that I strained my neck (recurring injury). I took some ibuprofen and iced it. The last time my neck stiffened up on me, I was out for weeks. Hopefully I took action on time. I ate very clean all day as well.

12 hour shift was extra long today. My pharmacy provides a service by giving certain antibiotics away for free (with a prescription of course). So, this is what I get, more often than you would think:

"My doctor told me I can get this for free"
"Yes, it is one of our free antibiotics"
"Are all your drugs free?"
(Wants to say: Are you freaking insane you moron?)
"No, just this list of antibiotics"
"How long?"
"Well, have you ever filled here before?"
"Ok, please fill out this patient information form and we'll get you all set in about 15 minutes"
"15 minutes!!???!!!!????"
"Thats about as fast as I can get it done. I see you have another prescription that is not on our free list. Do you have any insurance"
"Yes. (LONGEST PAUSE HUMANLY POSSIBLE) Oh, do you need to see my card or something?"
(Wants to say: No, I work for the psychic network)
"Yes please"
"Fine. (grumpy look, gives card...2 seconds later...) Ummmmm, can I have that back?"
"Well, I have to actually enter these numbers into the computer, so if it is ok, I'll give you your card back with the prescriptions"
"You aren't going to lose it are you?"
(Wants to say: Yes, I plan on losing it or shredding it, that is my agenda)
"No sir"
"I'll be back" (Walks over to pick-up window, stares at me for about 5 minutes and then signals to my tech). Picking up for So-N-So."

This is only the beginning of the stuff I hear.


  1. Oh yes, I could start a whole different blog with all the bullshit I get in the ER. Some of it cracks me up and other times I just stand in utter awe of how stupid humans can be.

    Good job on getting up sooo early. So what hours do you work there? Do you get up that early every day?

  2. A good friend of mine is a pharmacist too and she describes it as a "fast food" drug dealer. People want it fast and are sometimes not the nicest. I try to remember this when I go to the drugstore.

  3. Oh, how I miss my days in retail... *eye roll*

  4. I work 12 hour shifts on weekdays. I work every other weekend, Saturdays are 10 hour shifts and Sundays are 7 hour shifts. Since I am doing BFL, I will get up that early each morning that I work so that I can get the workout in before work (gym is closed afterwards, plus trying to workout after standing all day would be impossible). =)

  5. Hi -
    I found your blog via Krissa's.
    Oh my gosh!! Your story is hilarious. I own a medical billing co. and I get patients calling me all the time and going into stories about their rectal pain, diarrhea and nipple discharge and on and on. I'm like - NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Please NOOOOOOOO!! I only need to hear about your BILLING PROBLEMS! Do you have a question about your bill?
    People are just too funny. I just always try to pretend that the person on the other side of me is my Mom or Dad or Grandma and how would I like them to be treated, but sometimes it's just so hard!!