Friday, July 3, 2009

Is it Possible?

Can you significantly change your body in 40 days?

I think so.

We have a possible trip to New York in the works and I wanna rock it. I have been fluctuating between 140 and 143 in the last few weeks and I am sick of it. I felt so heavy and self conscious last night that I didn't wanna have sex with my husband. If that is not a wake up call, I don't know what is.

BF: Kashi Cereal (155), 3 strawberries (20), Snack: Zone Bar (190), Snack 2: fat free mocha (130), Lunch: sandwich: 2 slices wheat bread and 4 oz chicken: 230, Snack: watermelon (75), Dinner: homemade chicken and veggie soup (300?), Snack: few strawberries (40)...Total: 1140. I resisted frozen yougurt. Thank goodness because I would have felt like a loser. I need to increase the lean protein and veggies. I'll work on it.

So, due to my 12 hour shift I did not workout today. I know this is not an excuse because I have been known to hit the gym at 6am or go for a run before work. I can't wait to hit the weights again. It felt so awesome to crank out 30 "real" pushups without a problem. I'll be there again soon enough.


  1. Yes, you can. And yes, you will! Good luck!

  2. Absolutely you can change your body in 40 days. How much depends on you. Since you have a degree in nutrition there is nothing I could possibly say to you on how to eat. If you can find and hour to an hour and a half a day, 5-6 times a week for the next 40 days to work out I think you will surprise yourself and your husband. I am currently doing P90x and lost about 3% body fat in the first 45 days. I'm not trying to lose any weight but I did shed a few pounds. I need to put them back on. Pick a work out program that challenges you and you will be on your way. Bet you could get to 130 easy. Also, I know you know this but eating every 3 hours and getting adequate protein is essential also.

  3. I'm debating doing p90x... I just don't have enough room in my apartment :( (nor do I want to spend the $$ on it)

  4. You can do it girl!! Maybe make sure to be consistent with updating your blog. I know it worked for you before your wedding, and it has definitely helped me as of late!

  5. You can definitely do this! Make a count-down and put it on the frig with your goal weight and size. Each day you'll be closer and closer to NYC and that will help with motivation.

  6. Thanks for all the support guys!

    I'm really excited about feeling healthy, energetic and strong again. I thought about doing P90X in the past...I'll definatley think about it some more.