Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling Great

Week 1, Day 2 was wonderful. I woke up early and did today's cardio workout. Um, I am SO out of shape. I chose running as my workout today. My legs are so sore right now...how am I supposed to do lower body tomorrow??? I will manage!

I drove to see my parents and got a haircut! Nothing too dramatic, about 4 inches off but still below the shoulders. I am headed for bed....early day tomorrow and a 12 hour shift.


  1. I think I wrote that post below this one. I could have wrote that word for word. I feel you. :)

    I also just posted her on my blog! I have some weird infatuation with her. Is that how you spell that? I just got off a 12 hour shifts and its midnight so I cannot spell.

    Anyway, I love BFL. I even started my day 1 photos on there too. (then the tracker site has been down for 2 days..grrrr...)

    I think you have made a wonderful decision. I look forward to following your 12 week challenge.