Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Feel Some Motivation Coming On

I woke up this morning wanting to run out of the house and workout. I had a huge sinus headache so I took 2 Sudafed and 3 ibuprofen...I'm just waiting for it to go away and its on!

So I ended up eating pretty well today. I had Cherrios with fresh strawberries for breakfast, a sandwich on wheat for lunch, and homemade chili for dinner. My husband makes the best chili. The only fat in it is from extra lean beef. I just had a 100 calorie pudding for dessert. Its not exactly a "clean" food but it killed my craving for sweets.

Speaking of eating clean...I am strongly considering trying it. Who needs processed foods, right? I'll work on it. I keep hearing about how it helps you feel better, clears your skin, obviously helps you lose weight and be more healthy overall. I think my husband and I will take small steps in that direction. I gotta work on my water intake first.

I had tons of errands to run today and only ended up doing cardio. I covered 1.5 miles, of which I ran 0.7 straight. The lap that goes around our development is exactly 0.7 miles. My hubby just started running about 10 or so days ago and has been timing himself going around that thing. Today he set his new record of 4:20. I am sure he will get it even lower after a few more weeks. My time today was horrible. My body felt like moving cement. I didn't try hard to make it as fast as possible. I was scared of pulling something or being too sore since I am currently stiff as a board. So I took it easy in order to run the whole time without stopping. (How pathetic since not too long ago I was doing 4 miles without stopping). Anyway, I did it in 6:39. Please hold the laughter. I made it a point not to look at the stopwatch the whole time. If I had, I probably would have gone faster. Anyway, I am sure I can shave a minute off that time within a few weeks.

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