Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dirty Day

Morning weigh-in: 136.3!

I am going out of town to visit my parents today so I am not sure how I will be able to eat clean. I would hate to insult them because I am sure my mom will want to cook dinner for us. Just in case she makes a pasta sauce, I am bringing some rice pasta with me. I'll try my best, we'll see how it goes.

BF: Greek yogurt (90), topped with 1/2 banana (55), 10 almonds (120?), sprinkle of oats (10), drizzle of honey (20), blueberries (25)...more to come...


Well, the day didn't go quite as planned. I went out to lunch with my mom. I had a seafood antipasta salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. This would have been 99% clean: it was made up of grilled squid, shrimp, muscles, clams, lettuce, cucumber and tomato...except, it also came with provolone cheese slices and amazing crispy, right out of the oven rolls. I had 2 rolls. =(

Later, I had some chicken, which was organic and another salad (dressed with olive oil and vinegar) but then I had some chocolate covered raisins (yikes) and ice cream with my hubby (double yikes).

Well, a cheat day it was. And it was pretty wonderful. I felt like crap going to bed that night. I felt even worse the next morning. Its as if I had a one night stand with some chocolate covered raisins. Dirty, dirty girl.


  1. hi...i found your blog through jenny's *home sweet home" blog...i enjoy it..cuz i feel the same be fit sexy and still a definitely going to try the greek yogurt snack you had...sounds delicious...i can relate to your still not sure on eating "Clean"..what are some details?..not sure? ..but i definitely try to eat as nutritious as i can..and i work goal to lose 10's so hard though!

  2. Hi Karen!

    Thanks for reading. I am definatley trying to prevent myself from being the wife that lets herself go. Eating clean is pretty much eating fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and other foods that are minimally processed. You should check out the book The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno.

    You can definatley lose 10 pounds if you put your mind to it. I lost "the last 10" right before my wedding. You can check out the process my reading my old blog Best of luck!

  3. thanks..and it's's definitely really thinking before you eat...if not...anything goes in your going to eat cleaner..maybe not 100%.....but yes..think before eating...
    what other sites on food do you know of? i'll check out the book..