Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday, May 8th

I woke up early and completed the same workout from yesterday. About 1 minute into the run my whole butt was one big cramp. I finished the lap in 6:17...22 second improvement from yesterday. I didn't think I would make it but thank goodness I did. I will try for a record time Sunday morning.

I am off to a 12 hour shift. I packed my food for the whole day so no excuses in that department.

BF: Kashi cereal and fresh strawberries (185), Snack: Zone bar (190), Lunch: roast beef sandwich on wheat (280), apple (110), Snack: sample of grocery store meal (200), Dinner: rice (200) and chili (200), pudding (100) 1465 (which includes some over-estimates).

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