Monday, July 19, 2010

Week in Review

Hello blog friends. I got a little off track with my workout and diet routine this past week. Not much, but enough to motivate me to work harder.

Last Wednesday I had a super-wife day. My hubby was working and we made plans to take our nephews to the Magic Kingdom the following day so I had a lot to do. It started with a good breakfast of Kashi Go Lean and 1/3 of a banana:
I then spent hours at the dentist getting a crown. Yes, it was complete torture. My appointment lasted for hours and I was out by noon. I ran to Home Goods to return a pot for our little palm tree house plant (the size was off). I came back to the house and mowed the lawn and hedged a bush. I could barely eat but I got these down:
I did some house work for about an hour and had this meal, chewing only on my right side:
I went to the mall and bought myself a new shirt for Disney and a tie for my hubbie (there was a great sale at Express). I then went to the gym and did a 20 minute HIIT session on the stair master. I went to Publix and picked up some groceries, came home and made a homemade meal for my hubby. Pasta with chicken breast and tomato sauce with red and green peppers:
Pretty successful day overall!

Thursday we spent the day as planned at the Magic Kingdom. The boys had a blast. Lets just say that this was definitely a cheat day.

Here are a few of the meals I had between Friday and Sunday:

Sunday night I made a simple dinner with gnocchi, baked chicken breast and broccoli:

On Monday I decided I wanted to start eating cleaner. I want to cut out most sugars and salts, as I did during BFL. My tooth was in agony all day so I didn't eat much/enough but here goes:
Meal 1: Greek yogurt with a small banana and dry oats:

Meal 2: Leftover baked chicken breast with broccoli and hot sauce:
Meal 3: Greek yogurt with nectarine and dry oats:

I also had some watermelon right before and right after our crossfit workout.

I did 10 rounds of the following:

-10 thrusters using a 55lb olympic barbell

-15 push-ups

-10 hanging abs

After the workout I wanted to walk 1/4 mile doing 20 lunges and 20 steps. This was practically impossible. I did 6 rounds of 20 lunges followed by 100 steps and then walked the rest of the 1/4 mile loop. My legs felt like jello.

It was a nice clean start to the week.


  1. We all need a free day here and there! Don't be too hard on yourself!

    Honestly lately I haven't been as strick on keeping my eats clean (letting some sf jello pudding mix in, creamer in my coffee, etc.) but paying EXTRA attention to keeping my cals in check, and I've lost weight.

    I think easing up on myself mentally helped a lot!

  2. Man, you really were Super Wife with all you managed to get done! Good for you!

    I ♥ Kashi GoLean, too! When I'm not eating oatmeal in the morning, it's the only cereal I feel 100% guilt-free about eating, especially because of the protein content in it!

    I'm jealous of you going to Magic Kingdom! Sometime this Fall (probably early October) my hubby and I are planning a week vacation to Disney. I'm super excited! We want to go and be "kids" before we have kids HA!

    Have a great day!

    PS- what kind of Hot Sauce do you use?

  3. Therese,
    I definatley believe that your mind set during a weight loss attempt makes a big differnce. Congrats on shedding some weight, you skinny little thing. =)

    Go Lean is definatley the only cereal that doesn't make me feel bad, haha.
    I hear Christmas time is a great time to visit Disney, although I have never gone during that time of year. They do an amazing job for the holidays. If you go in October you can enjoy the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios on one of your days.
    I use Louisiana Hot Sauce. A teaspoonful has 0 calories but 240 mg of sodium so I try not to abuse it. It adds a lot of flavor, if you like hot stuff. =)