Monday, July 5, 2010

Start of Week 2

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!

Here's a little recap. I worked all day on Saturday and here are the pics of my meals:

I used both Saturday and Sunday as rest days. After my Week 1 workouts my body needed it. I was beyond sore on both days. Like, cannot sit on the toilet sore. So I figured missing Saturday's HIIT session wouldn't do too much damage. Muscles need their rest.
On Sunday we visited my hubbie's family. The weather wasn't pretty so we stayed inside most of the day. We had a great time. Sunday is my "free" eating day but I never go overboard. All day I grazed on fruit (maybe a little too much). I had a few crackers with cheese and some olives. For dinner we had grilled grouper and salmon, my brother-in-law's coconut rice, salad and sauteed veggies. Pretty healthy overall. I might have had some ice cream cake for dessert, hehe.
Well, Week 2 started today. The hubbie and I decided to do Crossfit early on in the day so I had a small breakfast to hold me over:
My Crossfit workout consisted of the following:
10 rounds of:
-(10) pushups
-(15) squats holding a 30 pound kettlebell against my chest
-(10) knee tucks with exercise ball*
-(10) upright rows (using 30 pound kettlebell)
*Your shins rest on the ball while you are in a plank position. You contract your abs as you pull your knees in toward your chest, stabilizing your body so that your legs stay on the ball and you maintain a straight line.
It was a great workout!
After the workout I needed some protein:
And Aunt Flo wouldn't let me miss out on some worthless carbs. Jello pudding with a huge spoonful of Lite Cool Whip:
Meal 3 was more leftovers. I am sure you are sick of seeing this one:
For dinner we made some homemade turkey chili with quinoa:Between meals I had some nuts and berries today, as well as 1/2 banana.
I might have to have another pudding. I am still thinking about it. Ahhhhh, go away Aunt Flo! That woman makes me so weak.
Tomorrow is another crossfit workout!


  1. I hear you about "aunt flo". When she visits, I reach for a Deep Chocolate Vitatop to tide me over. They are SO good and the nutritional stats aren't bad (...when in desperation and, for me, it's desperation HAHA!)

    Question about the quinoa: I bought some last week because I've heard awesome things about it, however I haven't a clue what to do with it and haven't tried making it yet. It looks a little like rice- does it taste like rice? I'll have to experiment this week with it. Tosca Reno of the EAT CLEAN DIET raves about it and its nutritional stats, so I'm all about putting good, clean food in my bod. Especially when I can add variety in my diet. As of late I eat the same things over and over and its good to spice it up a bit (literally!)

    Have a great and healthy day!

  2. Hi Talia,

    This was the first time I made quinoa. I ate it on our honeymoon to Peru but I don't remember what they paired it with. The way I prepared it made it pretty much flavorless. I just put 1 cup of quinoa in 2 cups of water, brought it to a boil and then reduced the heat and let it simmer until all the water was absorbed. We usually eat our chili on top of jasmin rice so we thought we would give it a try. The texture is kinda funny, gives a little pop when you bite down on it. But overall we liked it. I'd definatley recommend looking up some recipes unless you are just going to drench it with something like chili.

    Good luck!