Friday, July 23, 2010

Motivating Website

Have you guys ever checked out The Skinny Website? This blog is centered around celebrity weight, diet, exercise, and body gossip.

But my reason for visiting it is completely different. Since I like a more muscular and toned build on a woman, I don't find much of that on this site. I also don't really care about who has gained or lost weight recently.

What I do care about is the FASHION and the MOTIVATION to look put together. I love getting ideas on what to wear and how to make an outfit look just right. I get motivated by certain celebrities to be more girlie and really think about how I can make an outfit look stylish.

For example, here are some recent pics of Carrie Underwood that were taken on her way to the airport for her honeymoon. Her outfit is really simple but somehow she looks so put together. I love the jelly ballet flats. I wish I could pull off cutoffs.

How cute is this dress that Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing? So simple and casual but she rocks it. I don't think I could ever pull of those shoes.

I don't particularly like this dress that Ashley Greene is wearing but her vixen look is pretty motivating. She is definitely pulling off some sex appeal at this red carpet event. Her legs look amazing.

Gisele Bundchen motivates me to be more girlie. Its something about those Brazilian women, they always embrace their femininity. Again, this dress is not my favorite but can you believe this picture was taken AFTER she had her baby? It is no wonder she looks so great since most of the pictures of Gisele on this website are of her leaving the gym.
I think Kristin Cavallari looked great at this red carpet event. I am loving the hamstrings.
Her hair and makeup looked simple but beautiful Love it!
I also love this little jacket she has on over her dress. What a cute look.
Here is a prime example of that I am talking about when I say looking "put together". Kelly Ripa always looks photo ready. She always looks classy (even in the pic where she is not wearing a bra, I won't hate on you for it Kelly, you go girl!). She dresses up all of her outfits with just the right accessories. I especially love the outfit with the striped skirt.

The website even features some eye candy here and there.

Just kidding about the last one, hehe.

What I don't like about the site is the immature celebrity bashing in the comment sections. You can tell a lot of pre-teens visit the site. Like poor Jessica Simpson. I love her. Sure, she really needs some style help but I think she is beautiful even though she is not as skinny as she used to be. I wish people would be more sensitive about what they post.

Check it out, maybe you'll be motivated by some of the looks!

Have a great weekend!


  1. many thanks for sharing, inspirational post.
    You too have a nice week end

  2. So glad you posted this website! I really enjoy it!!! Although, I do worry that you think K-fed is eye candy :) just kidding :)
    Thank you for your comment on my post. You should definately take the cake decor classes. I'm taking the final one in August. Can't wait! Anyways, I never heard, did you submit your info to body for life? Are you famous now :)

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  4. Amber,

    I really hope you saw the sentence I wrote after the K-Fed picture, lol.

    I did submit my pics to BFL but I didn't win. They posted the 2009 winners on the BFL site and they did an amazing job. I was really happy to finish the challenge and get the results that I did. =)

  5. Cool website! I only wish I had the style/fashion sense these gals have, however I'm sure they had a stylist help them along the way:)

    My younger sister is such a diva when it comes to clothes and accessories and fashion and I wonder how I "missed the mark" HA! Sure, I love dressing up and getting all dolled up for a night on the town, but my everyday wear could definitely use a little pizazz! Lately I feel like I LIVE in workout clothes (sigh)

  6. bahaha, I saw that last picture and I was like, wait, what? bad taste! haha

  7. I LOVE the skinny website! I've been reading it for years now. Its so inspirational!