Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not So Bad Day

Yes, I woke up at the crack of dawn and spent half my day at the dentist. Then I went into work because I was worried that an urgent care doctor was incorrectly dosing one of my patients and I wanted to get it straightened out. Then I got home only to clean the house and find a horrible smell under our kitchen sink (ugh, we'll have to look into this). BUT I had a wonderful workout tonight so the day doesn't seem so bad after all. See what those endorphins can do for you????

I was just googling some fitness stuff and I came across this picture. Have you guys ever heard of Amanda Carrier? I hadn't. I love that the googled site had a candid, non-airbrushed pic of the fitness model/actress.
So I looked up some more pics of the beauty.
Its times like these that make happy to be a brunette (although a lot of the time I wish I was a blond).
So here are Wednesday's eats:
Chicken breast on top of lettuce with a few olives and some parmesan cheese. I used only red wine vinegar as the dressing.
LOOK at what I RESISTED! One of my patients gave me a red velvet cupcake. The pic is deceiving. This thing was HUGE! I thought about bringing it home to my hubby but I didn't want him eating this junk either so I ended up giving it to my co-worker to give to her son (kids can run these things off).
I grabbed a Luna Bar as a quick snack/meal. This new flavor is awesome. I LOVE it! (I try not to eat these kinds of things too often):

Today I had a big bowl of Kashi Go Lean before my dentist appointment because I knew I wouldn't be able to eat afterwards and I would be starving! Well, I was right. This is embarrassing but: two weeks ago I had a crown done on my left side and it has been killing me since. I have to have a root canal on it on Monday. Today I had a crown and 3 fillings done on my right side. Luckily, no major pain on the right side but the crown is very thin so the dentist told me not to eat much with it. Ummm HELLO!?!?!? I don't have a third side to eat with. So it is "soft foods" till something gets resolved.
Between 3:30 and 7:30 I had a Greek yogurt, a banana, a very ripe peach and a few grapes. I also had one slice of double protein bread (which took forever to eat).
8 rounds of the following:
(7) Thrusters (with an Olympic bar-65lb)
(12) Plie Squats (using a 30lb kettle bell)
(16) Ball Passes (with stability ball)
(5) Push-ups

I was so beat after this one. I decided to walk it off (1/4 mile). My legs were shaking. Probably partly due to the workout and partly due to my lack of energy/nutrition/sleep/velvet cake.
So for dinner is made this soft meal.
Soft food sucks. I ate this in 5 minutes and felt like I had nothing in my tummy. I did enjoy those 5 minutes though.
I am off to bed. Have a great night!


  1. My goodness - she's such a fitness role model!!! Gorgeous and strong!

  2. Sorry to hear about your dental escapades! Hope you heal quickly and are back on solid foods ASAP!

    That cupcake looked divine! Good for you for resisting temptation! It's little victories like that that remind you how strong you really are! I've been having to pass things up a lot lately, but actually it feels better fitting in my skinny jeans than the two minute satisfaction of eating something yummy. (When it's my TOM it's a whole other story, though HAHA!)

  3. The balsamic vinegar/dressing you use looks great... what kind is it?