Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tired and Malnourished

***Boring Post Alert***

You've been warned.

So the last two days sucked. This week I am doing a day of overtime so that means three 12-hour shifts in a row. Tomorrow is the last of the the three, thank goodness.

Yesterday, I woke up so sore I could barely walk. I decided that since I was working so many days in a row that I would sleep in and skip the gym. Here are my meals for the day:

Meal 1: Greek yogurt with fresh peach and dry oats:
Meal 2: Kashi Go Lean (not pictured)

Meal 3: Not a typical meal for me but I had to grab something quick:
Meal 4: Double protein bread and no-salt added cottage cheese:
Meal 5: More Greek yogurt with a small banana and dry oats:
Meal 6: I had an O:You guys are probably sick of seeing these cottage cheese sandwiches, haha. But this time I mixed it up a little. I love them with avocado and tomato, but the avocado was just adding way too many calories to my day. I know it is good fat, blah blah...but I get enough of that in my diet. So this time I cut out the glorious veggie (or is it a fruit?) and added some spinach and a thin slice of sweet onion. Man, the onion made this little beast spectacular. Its amazing how such a tiny amount of an ingredient can turn a meal from bland to heavenly. I must confess I skipped my workout today as well. My legs still haven't recovered from those dang thrusters and lunges! I actually got up for the gym. I decided to lay down on the couch "for 5 minutes"...which turned into over an hour. Tomorrow I will not let the snooze button defeat me.
Here comes the malnourished part. We were so busy at work that I hardly ate a thing all day.

Meal 1: Breakfast at home, Kashi Go Lean and a tiny amount of fresh peach:
Meal 2: The only think that I could get my hands on in the pharmacy:
Meal 3: I opened my lunch bag at 9:45pm while driving home and scarfed down some boiled egg whites and steamed broccoli:

Meal 4: A handful of almonds and a bunch of watermelon that was cut up in the fridge.

Bedtime. Sigh.

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  1. Wow, girl! I don't know how you do those 12-hour shifts! My sister is an ER nurse and does 12-hour shifts also and she is always exhausted and eats whenever she can fit 5-10 minutes in:(

    I saw you didn't add avocado to your cc sandwich! Doesn't that stink how something SO good and SO good for you has to have SO many calories? I OD'd on avocado last week so I am not buying in for a while. BOO!

    Well, I just started my own blog yesterday to document my own successes (hopefully!) with dropping body fat and *God willing* enter my first bikini competition within the next 6 months. I'm basically doing this on my own and for myself before my hubby and I try for kids next year. I've got a ways to go (20 lbs) but hopefully I'll get on stage and look like I belong somewhat up there HA!

    Have a great day! Make sure you eat more, too, girl! :)