Friday, July 2, 2010


Well, I thought I was sore yesterday. Today was a whole new experience. I woke up feeling like someone beat me in my sleep. I dragged myself out of bed nonetheless. I did BFL-style legs at the gym. Some of the major exercises I did were leg extensions, leg press and deadlifts. By 4pm I couldn't bend over. It took me 30 seconds to pick up my pen from the floor.

My first meal of the day was an EAS Myoplex Lite shake.

Meal 2- 1 slice of double protein bread with almond butter and a small serving of cottage cheese:
Meal 3:
Meal 4- Very small serving of grilled chicken breast with hot sauce, oatmeal with a teaspoonful of cocoa powder:
I find that if I cook the oatmeal fully, let it cool a bit and then add the powder on top, it tastes a lot better than mixing it in while it is hot.
Meal 5- Large pieces of broccoli with a teaspoonful of low sodium soy sauce and teriyaki chicken:
What I forgot to mention was that between meals 4 and 5 I binged on about 20 cherries. Ugh, I couldn't help myself. They were amazing!!! But I did feel a little (lot) guilt creep on. What can you do? My body is going through pure shock right now, it is a wonder I haven't completely lost my mind yet. =)

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