Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breaking the Diet Rules

Hmm...I am feeling pretty bloated. I didn't think I ate a lot today but seeing it all in pics makes me think I might be over-doing it. It is definatley different than my BFL diet so I think I will need to step it up a notch.

For example, here is breakfast, not paired with a protein:
Here is my second meal, with sugary fake fruit (granted my mouth was completely numb from the dentist, I was starving and I was out and about running errands, so it was this or frozen yogurt):
I had a pretty intense Crossfit workout once again.

12 rounds of the following:

-(10) jump squats

-(5) bent over rows in a deep squat position with 45lb Olympic bar

-(5) overhead press with 45lb Olympic bar

-(5) bicept curls with 45lb Olympic bar

-(15) crunches using a 20lb kettlebell*

*Starting position consisted of me laying down, knees bent with feet on the floor, both hands on the kettlebell and the kettlebell on the floor behind my head. I would crunch up, bringing my knees in towards my chest and the kettlebell over and past my knees. With each rep I would barely let the kettlebell touch the floor and I would tap my toes on the floor. I did half the sets using the 20lb kettlebell and half using a 25lb plate.

It was past 4pm when we finished the workout and I was starved. I ate a tiny slice of bread with some almond butter and Simply Fruit jelly:
While I was preparing this beast:
A few hours later the hubby prepared a snack:
I had 1 whole egg and a bunch of veggies dipped in a sauce made with Dijon mustard, vinegar and honey. Again, notice the lack of protein.

Dinner was leftovers:
I also had a pudding. Ugh, it was sugar-free and only 65 calories but it is not something I would have ever eated during BFL. I also had about 30 almonds throughout the day. Um, you would think someone handed me money each time I ate one. It is my crack.

Its time to get a little more serious. =)

The next two days are work days, which meals BFL-style upper body tomorrow and lower body on Thursday.

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