Thursday, June 25, 2009

Starting to Run

Ugh, I've had a bad few days. Bloating, working and not having time to make small meals. I weighed in at 142.1 this morning. I decided last night that I would start a running program. I was inspired my my wedding-weekend twin, Devon, from All Things King and my co-worker, who runs 5Ks regularly with his wife.

I am not quite ready for the Running for Weight Loss program that Devon is doing but I think I will be there in a few weeks.

This morning I spend 30 minutes outdoors doing fasting cardio and covered 2.4 miles. Warning: This was my first semi-real workout in a while. I am out of shape. Here's the breakup:
5 min brisk walk warmup
2 min run, 1 min walk for 6 cycles
4 min walk cooldown

I feel like I got a pretty good workout (pathetic huh?). Now off to a 12 hour shift. I will eat well ALL day! I will be 139 by July 4th!


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