Friday, June 12, 2009

Closing Day!

Morning weigh-in: 143.5. Double ugh.

Last night I had a horrible nightmare. Frankie and I were at an amazing resort with pretty much everyone we knew. Everyone was laying out at the pool, playing in the water and having the best time. All of his friends brought hot girls that looked amazing in their bikinis. I, on the other hand, was watching from a window. I was wearing men's gym shorts, a huge baggy t-shirt, had greasy hair and was about 10 pounds heavier. I had this horrific acne on my forehead. I was just there watching, wishing I had prepared, wishing I had worked hard on my body and wishing I was having a good time with all of them. I was embarrassed for even my husband to see me, jealous that he was wishing I looked like the other girls and extremely depressed. It felt so real.

I woke up and did 4 laps around my complex=2.8 miles. Mostly walking. I felt like I weighed 2 tons. My thighs felt swollen and huge. I was tired, I didn't have any energy. The only thing I had was motivation.

We are scheduled to close at 2pm today. We'll see if it happens. Closing already got pushed back from 10:30am to 2. I guess the bank didn't turn some documents in on time. We are waiting for a phone call to get the final closing amount so that we can go to the bank and get a check. Crazy. We don't even know how much this will cost. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. It was just a nightmare. You're going to get back on track! Congrats on the closing! Does that mean you now own it and can start moving?