Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day After Closing

Morning weigh-in: 142.8. This would have been lower if I didn't insist on eating at 2am. I stayed up really late to clean and write some wedding thank you cards. I got pretty hungry and ate a small bowl of cereal, a few nuts and 2 slices of bread with a veggie spread. What a moron. At least I was good all day up until then.

We closed yesterday and it went smoothly! Frankie carried my over the threshold and we went to Home Depot only to spend over $800 on a garbage disposal, new locks and new door knobs. The sad part is that we only bought 6 locks and 6 door knobs. We don't need any more locks but if we want to match the knobs on the entire house, including closets, we will need 14 more.

Today my parents and Frankie's mom are coming to help us clean. The house is a mess and we are lucky they are coming.

I got a little more motivation from looking through some old pics. I saw one of me and Frankie from college. The pic was taken on the night of our first kiss. It made me think back on those butterfly emotions and just how much I wanted to look for him back then. Makes you realize how your efforts can diminish through the years if you aren't careful.

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