Monday, April 26, 2010


This is our Florida home. We feel very fortunate to have bought it at such a young age. It needs a lot of work on the inside but we are fixing it up slowly but surely. We live about 1/2 mile from the beach and we wish our home looked more beachy. We don't want it to look like a Key West bar, but more of a classic coastal chic.

Anyway, I NEED YOUR HELP!!! We are getting hurricane shutters installed in a few weeks. We decided that we would put Bahama shutters on the 3 dining room windows in order to move closer to the beachy affect we are after. We are stuck on a decision on whether each shutter should run straight across the window undivided or have a typical Bahama shutter division. Now, the windows are faily narrow (26 inches I believe) and there are two more identical windows on the garage which will also be covered with Bahamas.

My husband used Photoshop in order to visualize each option. Which do you think looks better???

Obviously our poor photoshop skills do not do the look justice. Are the undivided ones too plain. Do the divided ones look too busy? Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Option 1: I don't like either, don't get the Bahamas.
Option 2: I like the ones that are undivided.
Option 3: I like the divided ones.
Thanks in advance!!!!!


  1. I like option 3. I think the tight horizontal lines help off set the vertical lines of the house siding. I would also put a trellis with a climbing flowering vine on the blank area behind the planter on the left and the bushes. Perhaps also paint your door a bright accent color like turquoise. Good Luck!

  2. Option 3! The undivided ones sort of remind me of those sunglasses Kanye West wears all the time. :-)


  3. I actually like the divided. My parents have these on their windows (their windows may be wider though?) and I think they lookd very polished!

  4. I like the undivided ones best. I think upkeep would be easier on these also.