Saturday, April 24, 2010

No Promises, Hehe

Well, my HIIT workout went very well today! I ended up doing the entire workout on the treadmill. I was forced to make it short because the gym opens at 7:30 on Saturdays and I have to be in the shower by 8 to be on time for work. My heart was still pounding when I got in the shower and I was still sweating after the shower. Gross, I know.

Per a lovely reader's request, I am going to TRY to post pics of my meals. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to be a food blogger, like my dear blogging buddy, the fabulous Therese, but I'll have to see whether I am too lazy to be or not, haha. Since the request was made later in the day, all of the meals but one are in my tummy but here is the general picture. FYI: today I was really busy at work so my typical 5-6 meal plan did not work out.

One hour after my HIIT session I had sandwich thin with a small amount of almond butter and a very tiny bit of jelly. I also had a plain Chobani yogurt with a drizzle of honey.
For lunch, I had two of these (7grams of protein in each):
With a few slices of Boar's Head Low Sodium Chicken Breast (I did not eat deli meal at all during BFL).

I was starved on my drive home from work so I had a green apple and a few almonds. I needed that carb to keep me from drooling, crying and screaming for a Vanilla Cone as I pass the NOT 1, BUT 2 McDonalds' that are on my way home. Yes people, life is not fair.

For dinner I had some brown rice, salmon and 1/2 small tomato. Looks filling but the plate is a dessert plate, not a dinner plate, so the portion was just right.
With a little bit of this:
I would have bought veggies and had some with this meal but I thought we had some in the freezer. =(
So how do I rate this day? Probably a 7. Too much bread, too little protein, no veggies, not enough calories and my meals weren't spaced out right. Oh well, at least I didn't eat my co-worker's brownies.
I'll be going to bed fantasizing about some new clothes!!!

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