Monday, April 26, 2010

Exhausting Monday

Today didn't go quite as planned but it went well nonetheless. I didn't do my upper body workout as planned but what I did instead made up for it. More on that later...

Today ended up being a 3 meal/2 small snack day unfortunately. It seems that it is much harder to do 6 small meals on the days I have off. I'll have to work on that. For breakfast I had my double protein bread with almond butter and fresh strawberries and some 1% no salt cottage cheese.

I didn't get to eat lunch till 4pm! Craziness. Between breakfast and lunch I snacked on a handful of no salt almonds. Lunch was Subway. I ordered the 6 inch chicken breast sub on whole wheat, no cheese. It was YUMMY! Obviously way too much sodium but I drank tons of water to try to make up for it.
Between lunch and dinner I had 3 prunes. What can I say, I love them. For dinner I made some pasta with homemade sauce and chicken breasts. Don't let this blurry picture fool you, my serving was mainly chicken and only a tiny bit of pasta. It came out sooooooo good and the hubby loved it. The chicken was so tender, it fell apart as we cut it with our forks.

Now on to my workout. First of all we did TONS of yard work today. My husband had to go into work for a few hours so while he was gone I turned this:
Into this in 30 minutes. There must have been hundreds, if not thousands of leaves. This picture only shows a small portion of the front yard. This magnolia tree is my nemesis.

When my husband returned we worked on this area. The exposed soil was filled with dead bushes this morning and we chopped, ripped, tore and yanked them all out. Then we cleaned up the millions of leaves and disgusting soil that was under them. We want to plant something in this area, maybe Hibiscus???

Any suggestions??????
After slaving away in the yard we went to the park. We completed a 2 mile run and a few exercised along the way. I attempted some pull-ups, did some sit-ups, burpies and hanging abs. I am BEAT. I am going to take a nice long shower and head to bed.
I hope your Monday was as productive, but more fun than mine!


  1. Sounds like an incredibly active day if you ask me! Yard work and cleaning are always exhausting. Don't you work on your feet too?

  2. Yes, 12 hours a day with no sitting. You get used to it though. Plus I get lots of days off. =)