Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today marks the first day of my mini-vacation from work. The hubby and I were supposed to go to New York this weekend...remember? Well, we got the time off but nowhere to go. We don't have to return to work till Wednesday! Yay!
We are thinking about making a day trip somewhere but we're not sure whether we want to or not and nothing great is poping up in our minds. We might take a day to look for some furniture for our guest bedroom. There are so many things we need to work on around the house. We'll see how productive these next few days are.
I saw a chiropractor today. It looks as though my 7th cervical vertebrae is out of its natural position. This is probably what is causing the numbness in my arm. He adjusted my neck and back and it felt great to hear those pops! I am icing my neck as I type. Hopefully I will feel better soon.


I am still on track with BFL! I am pissed that my legs are not very sore today from yesterday's workout. I did my cardio HIIT session outdoors today. As far as raising your heart rate, nothing beats running outside in my opinion.

Well, I am off to watch a little TV! What an exciting life I lead. Haha.

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