Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wishing for Peonies

Peonies are by far my favorite flower. I was so lucky to have them in my wedding bouquet. Fluffy balls of heaven. If only they would grow in Florida. Aren't they amazing?
I am off to the gym. I have a new 12 week plan in the works. You have seen what I have accomplished in 12 weeks in the past:
Please excuse the horrid before photo. Luckily I am not where I was when I started in these photos.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. you look SO amazing, do you do the body for life yeah? xx

  2. Hi! Are you doing another BFL challenge? My hubby and I are in Week 7. Hoping to see greater results in the next 5 weeks. Your results were A-MAZING! Hope you continue on with the same success!


  3. One more question:)

    I was wondering what your final weight loss was on your previous BFL challenge? I am a little disappointed that Week 6 I only lost 4 pounds. I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit, however 4 lbs is not that much. You look like you lost a ton. Just curious how much (not asking your weight) and if you lost inches, too.

    Keep it up! Your blog is inspiring!


  4. *I meant 4 lbs total for the challenge in week 6* sorry!

  5. Thanks so much ladies. =)

    Those pictures were taken before and after my first Body for Life challenge. Right now I am going to do a mix of Body for Life and other types of workouts.

    During the entire challenge I lost 16 pounds. I went from 150 to 134. I am between 5'6 and 5'7. During the half way mark I actually lost 12 pounds, which was too quick. I lost fat and muscle. I then started eating a little more protein and by the end I gained back the muscle I had lost. So in my last 6 weeks I only lost 4 pounds. I didn't keep track of inches but judging from the way my clothes fit, I lost a ton of them. It is tough to lose lots of fat and gain muscle in such a short amount of time. 4 pounds is great. Keep it up! Good luck to you and your hubby. =)

  6. What an amazing transformation!! I bet you are inspiring people everywhere!! (Glad you found me! :) )

  7. What an inspiration you are! I'm adding you to my blog reader!