Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Workout Schedule

I have been trying to figure out a new workout routine that would fit into my 12-hour shift work schedule. Body for Life worked well but I am ready to mix it up a little. I wanted to incorporate heavy lifting, cardio and crossfit. So I made a two week schedule and I will repeat 5 times, leading me to our Labor Day weekend at the Florida Keys! I am so excited to go. I have never been to the Keys and I am ready for some fun in the sun.

So this weekend someone shot a pic of me and Frankie at a BBQ/birthday party. Um.....

1) Where did the muscle tone in my arms go? W T Heck???

2) I seriously need a tan. Your average onlooker might think this man was being kissed my a ghost.

3) My horrible haircut needs to grow out so I can stop wearing my hair like that.

So here's the schedule:

M-WORK: Upper Body (BFL-heavy weights)
W-OFF: Crossfit
R-OFF: Crossfit
F-WORK: Lower Body (BFL-heavy weights)
S-WORK: Rest Day

M-OFF: Crossfit
T-OFF: Crossfit
W-WORK: Upper Body (BFL-heavy weights)
R-WORK: Lower Body (BFL-heavy weights)
F-OFF: Exercise of Choice
S-OFF: Rest Day

For the Friday Exercise of Choice day I am going to leave it open. I might do pilates, a workout video, an outdoor activity, etc. I am going to try to do something different that will target something I was lacking in that week.

Well, I am on day 3 and sticking to the schedule thus far. I will also start posting meal pics again. =)

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Girl, you still look great! It's a good think our muscles have memories--you'll be back to your ideal shape in no time! And, I hear ya about the tan! I'm so white, too, but fair skinned and wary about tanning (indoors or outdoors). I think it's time for a Mystic Tan in the near future HAHA!

    I wanted to ask you about Crossfit training. Is it a specific program you follow or just combined plyometric moves you choose? It sounds interesting! Good luck!

    I'm turning 30 July 11th and thinking of starting a blog to document my meals and exercise because within the next 6-12 months I want to make it to the bikini figure stage (something WAY outside my comfort zone, but so rewarding!)

    Have a great week!


  2. You should totally do it!

    I am going to be posting my crossfit workouts each day I do them. I will be making them up each time by checking out some crossfit websites and determining what I am able to do with the equiptment I have. =)

    Happy early Birthday!

  3. this looks a great workout schedule! yes please post meal pics again!! :) xx