Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two Weeks To Go!

So work has been CRAZY this past week or so. Ugh. The only thing keeping me sane is that I have two weeks left until I see this:

Ahhhhhhhh. Big sigh.
Well, here are some of meals I have missed posting since work got hectic. I missed taking many pics but I am glad I got a few.

One morning we had a nice breakfast on the patio:
And enjoyed the view. It was a beautiful day:
I made what my husband refers to as "the best guacamole EVER":
And plenty of it:

My version of PB and "J":

Beet salad (beets, thin sliced garlic, vinegar, salt, tiny bit of sugar):
Yummy cajun shrimp salad:

And of course a pic of our "leisure" activity: spending the day ripping out this dead bush. We are not looking forward to doing it again (with the one in the far corner) next week.
Well, I am off to do some HIIT before work. Have a wonderful weekend!

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