Monday, May 10, 2010

Healthy Dip

Last weekend we had some company over (I am still kicking myself for not taking pics of the all the wonderful food that we prepared). But I did snag some pics of my newest creation. I made a huge plate of chopped up veggies, including broccoli, carrots and peppers and wanted a healthy dip for my guests. I bought one of these dip packets. Unprepared, I believe the packet contained 5 calories per serving. But making the dip according to the instructions (with sour cream), packed in tons of unhealthy calories.
So I figured, why not mix it with this instead?
I used 2 containers of 2% Greek yogurt and 1 tablespoonful of sour cream. It turned out amazing! I used 2% because I had guests and I was afraid the 0% would turn out too runny. Tasting it alone, it definatley didn't taste as great as the full-fat version. Nevertheless, when eaten with the veggies, you could barely tell the difference. It was a big hit.
I will definatley try out the 0% on my own. You can mix a whole container for yourself and a plate filled with veggies and have a healthy, well-balanced meal.
Right now I am cleaning the house top to bottom. It has been a little neglected lately. The laundry, kitchen, floors, counters, rugs, furniture dust and closets will all be tackled today.
Have a wonderful Monday!

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