Monday, September 6, 2010

Key West

I'm back from an AMAZING weekend at the Keys!

First shot of the trip:
Me (Kristina) and Cristina:

Our tourist moment:

While renting scooters:
Cristina calls these the "Ralph Lauren photos":

Sunset cruise:

The foursome:

Now back to the hard workouts and meal plan. Two weeks to a wedding and 2 and 1/2 till our next vacation!


  1. Looks like an AWESOME vacay! And, as always, you look FABULOUS! So teeny tiny! :)

    Holy cow- that first pic is GORGEOUS! It looks like it should be in a calendar! Also, you're friend is right- those pics of you in the green and white dress really do look "Ralph Lauren-ish" HA! :)

  2. You are beautiful!

    Love the group photo...what a cute dress...or you make it cute.

    Looks like a great time.

    And yep, those are RL photos. :)