Saturday, September 5, 2009

Guest Bedroom

Well, the hubby and I just finished painting the guest bedroom! We are so excited to see how it turns out. It is the first room we are renovating. We are going for a beachy-cottage but semi-sophisticated look. As I mentioned in a previous post, I bought some used furniture from a co-worker. My intensions were to paint it white, distress it and add new knobs...maybe somehting like this: But my hubby thinks the furniture already looks really beachy and that we should keep it the way it is.

The hardware looks a little too medieval to me. If we keep it this color I think I will want to change the backplates and knobs. I'll see how it fits in the room and go from there.

We want to take the two posts off of each side of the headboard, which will turn the queen into a full. I figured if there were nail holes on the sides I would use wood filler, sand it and then paint it white. This might pose a problem if we keep them natural.

Here's the new color of the guest bedroom. The picture didn't turn out too well. The color is Woodlawn Blue by Benjamin Moore. Honestly, it looks more green in person and we love it! It is crazy how it looks so different depending on the lighting.

We are going to put molding around the windows and on the ceiling. I'm excited to make some changes!

Here are some pictures of the same paint color in different lighting and better quality:

By the way, BFL is going really well! I just finished week 6 so I am half-way there. I promise I will post more about the diet and workouts soon. I have been a bad blogger lately. =(


  1. I love the color! Looks great! I would change the knobs on the furniture and then see how it looks. I often have to remind myself that I am going to be living in this house for a while. I have time to fix things if I don't like the first way they're done.

  2. Hey girl! I am really considering doing a Body for Life Challenge and was hoping you could give me some feedback on how you like it...I fee like we were kind of in the same sitution (let ourselves go little too much after the wedding) and I really need something to give me a kick in the pants...

    Anyway I would love your thoughts! Feel free to email me at